BIOMECHATRONICS founders have studied the ability of algae photosynthesis to remove Carbon and Nitrogen Oxides, as well as Particulates Matter from the air and generate Oxygen and Biomass.

As result of the this research, a variety of Algae with high photosynthesis cycle has been developed. The team has also developed devices to cover different the needs to clean the air, from single spaces to high emission industries.

Board of Management

  • Carlos Monroy

    Chief Executive Officer


  • Orlando Monroy

    Public Relations


  • Diego Ochoa

    Operations Chief


According to “The Economic Consequences of Air Pollution” report published by OECD, by 2060

-The Economic growth and energy demand in the following decades will produce a constant increase of particles and Ozone in the environment.
-The Air contamination could contribute to 6-9 million premature deaths (estimated in 3 million in 2010).
-Bronchitis cases in children could rise from current 12 million cases per year to 36 million per year by 2060.
-The Health deterioration as result of Air pollution could cause 3,750 million work day lost.
-The cost of premature deaths represents a cost of USD 12-25 Billion/year.